“Dear Slushkitty” Lives! Help, please…



I have been seeing the same psychic for about 20 years. His name is Alex and he can be found at the Tremont Tea Room — http://www.tremont-tearoom.com/ — you should totes go! I think I actually wrote about Alex in here before, but I must tell you more! At the first reading I had with him, he told me I was writing letters to someone named “Jack” and he’s seen me twice and I have never seen him. I was writing letters to a Jason Priestly imposter, whose real name was “Jake”, at the time. He said he saw me flying over bridges and I would live with someone named “Christy”. I moved to San Francisco and my roommate’s name was Christy. He saw me outside making hats. At the time, I was making hats on my mom’s deck. All ye naysayers, explain THAT! Go see, Alex.


So, I saw him last week. Nachel gave me a gift certificate for Christmas. Like I did 20 years ago, I was laughing my head off – he’s a scream! – and because he was spot-on. I volunteered no info and he dove right in. He said I wasn’t working and my last job ended in an ugly way…to say the least!!! (I never shared with you any details of the sexual harassment I suffered while selling dial-up modems – how SAD is this already?!? A suuuuper slimy sales rep sent me a vibrator and my boss saw nothing wrong with that). Anyway, he said I had a job interview next week, and I was like, “No, I don’t. I certainly do not”. He looked a bit puzzled, and said, “No. You have a job interview next week”. Exactly two hours later, I got an email from the place I had a phone interview with back in December asking me to come in next week for an interview. All ye naysayers, explain THAT! Go see Alex.


He said a whole bunch of other stuff that got me all teary and goofy with optimism – like my hidden, and very specific, dreams coming true. One thing he said is that I am a writer. Again, I volunteered no info before he said this. He said I have an advice column and I already have a logo and it will be a brand, and what am I waiting for? Y’all get ready for the Slushkitty t-shirts and coffee mugs coming soon! Dream big! (Incidentally, the place I am interviewing with is a promotional products company – ha!) If you’ve been following my little bloggy, you’ll recall I did briefly have an advice column called “Dear Slushkitty” – not an original name but no one shared any witty (or any at all actually) name suggestions – please feel free to do so now! Here are a couple of my advice posts: https://slushkitty.com/2012/05/26/dear-slushkitten/  and https://slushkitty.com/2012/05/13/dear-cassie/ .


I’m going to start up my “Dear Slushkitty” advice column again! Please help a sister out and kindly submit your questions or troubles about Love, cats, recovery, Swedish boy bands, vibrators, sentences ending in prepositions, or anything else that you fancy my opinions or suggestions on. You’ll be helping me, too, not with writers’ block but with general malaise and atrophy of the brain. I’ve gone from selling dial-up modems for perverts to filing invoices for an insurance company. Since the Republicans cut off unemployment benefits to the long-term unemployed – thanks, petty, nasty, heartless meanies! – this beggar cannot be a chooser. I am not sure I needed a fat dose of humility, but whatever. By the way, my birthday is this Tuesday, February 18th. This year, I’d like groceries and cat food for birthday gifts, please. (I’m totally being a drama queen – yesterday I irresponsibly spent an embarrassing and unreasonable amount of money on mascara. I may starve, but why should my eyelashes starve, too? Have a heart!).


Please send your dear Slushkitty questions for “Dear Slushkitty”! It’ll be fun! It can be my birthday present 🙂 Please post them in the comments section here or email me at Cara02127@rocketmail.com.


Love ad infinitum..




One response

  1. Dear Slushy,
    I simply love your column! Wisdom and humor together are the best, so I wish you had a weekly column like Dear Abbey!
    I’m a 50 something male homebody with a deep inferiority complex that calls the shots. Most everyone (or a select few) tell me I’m wonderful and the world is my oyster and I should just go for it because outside my apartment is a wonderful vibrant loving place and I just need to go for it!! But I’m not convinced.
    This is getting old. Any advice on where (or why) to start?
    Also I definitely think that Alex the psychic is right and you are a born writer with a bright future and you should just go for it!! Or not
    With Love admiration and some envy

    Bewildered in Boston

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