Life in Hi-Tech


I found a funny (transcribed) conversation I had with a customer last summer. It goes a little something like this….

him: do you sell cable modems?

me: yes.

him: can you tell me information?

me: sure. what information would you like?

him: information about the cable modem.

me: product information? or are you looking to purchase one?

him: yes.

me: what would you like to know?

him: what cable modems do you have?

me: what do you mean?

him: what is the price?

me: we don’t sell them direct. We sell them through retailers and online.

him: what is the price?

me: I can’t give you an exact price since we don’t sell them to end-users. Are you at a computer? All the prices are listed.

him: I want you to tell me.

me: I can’t give you an exact price. I can give you a range.

him: what is the price?

me: the range is about $120-$150.

him: what is 120?

me: what do you mean?

him: you said 120. What is this?

me: it’s a price.

him: is it the speed?

me: it’s a price.

him: tell me about dial-up modems. what do you have?

me: what are you looking for?

him: tell me about them.




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  1. Life in non-native-English-speaker-editing:

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    • Not only does it speak to me, I am strangely amorous all of a sudden. I want to know more of this “denting navel” and this “make ** three times in succession” business. What is ** ? Can I pick that up on Amazon, too? I think I can clean up my life and the life of my anus. God, you’re good.

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